silversmith manufactures

Teapot for two, Ø 13cm, height: 10cm, 0,5l, silver and wood, 2005


Rendez- vous bowl, Ø13cm, height: 6cm, 0,7l, tinned copper and wood, 2004          •


Wedding jewellery, length of necklace 74cm, silver, pearls and coral, 2007          •


Bowl for wedding punch, Ø 17/ 14cm, height: 14cm, 2,5l, silver and pear wood, 2005          •


Wee bird, 55x 34/ 38mm, enamel, copper, gold, 2004


Teapot Pearl, Ø 13cm, height: 10cm, 1,0l, tinned brass, 2004          •


Kettle Mr. UFO, Ø 16cm, height: 7cm, 1,1l, tinned brass, 2003          •


and again: Kettle Mr. UFO


Plate and cup, Ø 20cm,tinned brass, 2004; Ø 6,5cm, height: 8,5cm, 0,2l, aureate copper, 2003